Some Favorites


On Arithmetic
Tanton: Fractions are Hard!
Tanton on Dividing Fractions
Tanton on Negative times Positive
Tanton on Negative times Negative
Tanton on Dividing by Zero
Tanton on Zero to the Zero-th power
Tanton on other Questionable Exponents
Tanton on Rationalizing Denominators
Tanton on Square Roots and Addition
Power of Ten (1977)–On Exponents and Scientific Notation

On Algebraic Manipulation
Tanton on FOIL
Tanton Deriving Quadratic Formula
Tanton on Completing the Square
Tanton on Synthetic Division
Tanton on Visually Solving Polynomial Division
Tanton on Factoring Harder Quadratics
Tanton on Buying Gloop: Comparing Buying Strategies
Tanton: Which Mean do you Mean?
Tanton: The Binomial Theorem
Scarborough’s Common Misconceptions

On Absolute Values
Tanton Notes

On Logarithms
Vi Hart: Counting in a “times 2” sort of way
Tanton Logs 1: Replace the word log with the word power
Tanton Logs 2: How logs work (Part I)
Tanton Logs 2: How logs work (Part II)
Tanton Logs 3: Change of Base
Tanton Log Notes
Decibel Scale

On Functions and Graphs
Tanton: What is a Function
Tanton: Graphing Quadratics
Tanton: Why All Quadratics are U-Shaped
Tanton: Graphing Factored Polynomials
Tanton: Nutting Your Way Through Quadratic Exercises Part I
Tanton: Nutting Your Way Through Quadratic Exercises Part II

On Matrices and Vectors
Tanton: What is a Vector?
Tanton: A Vector-based leapfrog puzzle
Tanton on Matrices and Vectors

On Mathematical Modeling: Representing data using functions/equations
“All models are wrong, but some are useful.” -George Box
Tanton on Linear Modeling
Tanton on Quadratic Modeling
Tanton on Why Thrown Objects Follow Quadratic Paths
Tanton on Exponential Modeling
Tanton on Slicing Wrapping Paper: Which Model is Appropriate?
NYT on Modeling Income versus Rate of College Attendance

On Parametric Equations
Tanton on Parametrics

On Trigonometry
University of Utah Trigonometry Series
An Ames Room
An Illusion about Moving Dots
More Visual Illusions
Tanton on Radians
Tanton on Squine and Cosquine
Tanton on Why Tangent is Called Tangent
Tanton on a Cute Finger Trick for Trig Values

Pythagoras and Distance
Tanton on the Pythagorean Theorem
Tanton on 3D Pythagorean Theorem
Tanton on extending the Pythagorean Theorem to Rectangles
Tanton on Shortest Paths
Tanton on Non-intuitive Pythagoras Application
Tanton on Equation of a Circle

Conic Sections
Vi Hart on Conic Sections
Is this a conic section?

Miscellaneous Videos
Khan Academy on Banking

Plains Sky Time Lapse
Texas Sky Time Lapse
Very Large Telescope HD Sky Time Lapse
Proof of Aliens Sky Time Lapse: Make Up Your Own Mind
Rotating Star Explorer
BBC Documentary on Newton
On Neptunes Discovery

On Astronomical Distances (Crash Course)
On Reflections
Chaotic Reflections (Wolfram Demo)
Reflections in a Circle (Wolfram Demo)
Reflections in an Ellipse (Wolfram Demo)
Reflections in Conics (Wolfram Demo)
Reflections in a Mirrored Corner(Wolfram Demo)
Reflections from a Polynomial Mirror (Wolfram Demo)
Ambiguous 2D representations
Dan Finkel at Math for Love compiled most of these resources on reflections.


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