Professional Services

I’m deeply passionate about mathematics teaching and learning, and I’m excited to help others develop both love and mastery of mathematics. I strongly believe that learning should be a joyful endeavor; we all benefit by putting more play into mathematics learning.

Beyond this emphasis on joy and play, my perspective on teaching is trauma-informed and attuned to the complex emotional experience that students face in math class. For most students, math class is fraught with feelings of shame, embarrassment, fear, incompetence, uncertainty, frustration, confusion, and boredom. Even students who identify as “good at math” face some combination of these feelings on a daily basis, and navigating that emotional minefield leaves almost everyone hating math by the time they finish schooling.

My professional mission is to promote a genuine love of mathematics, and I’m excited to work with students, parents, and schools in the Puget Sound area in order to realize that mission.

Day Camps
I’m excited to be running Math for Love day camps in Seattle and Bellevue for 1st to 5th graders. Sign-ups for Mid-Winter Break and Spring Break are open now. Click here to sign-up.

Working with Families
If you’re looking for math support in any capacity, click here to schedule an initial consultation. This call is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and to make a plan of action to address your mathematical moment.

Working with Schools
Creating a culture of love for mathematics is a multi-faceted endeavor, and I’d love to support your school in developing and implementing a cohesive plan toward that vision. These plans are tailored to your school’s needs; they might include any of the following elements: Math Circles for students, Math Circles for teachers, curriculum planning support, inquiry-based teaching support, classroom observation/feedback, visiting classrooms as a Mathematician-in-Residence, math nights, and more. If your school is looking for external mathematical support, I’d love to hear from you at paul dot gafni at gmail dot com.

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