Exciting Opportunities

The next few months are going to be very exciting. I have two new projects, and I can’t decide which I’m more excited for.

The first is that I’m joining forces with Dan Finkel and Katherine Cook to teach some Math Circles with Math For Love. Since shortly after my February arrival to Seattle, I’ve been very impressed by the work I’ve seen from them, and I’m really looking forward to working with them. We have very similar outlooks on mathematics and math education, and I know I’ll learn a lot and have a lot of fun with this work. 

The second is a big step outside of my comfort zone, both geographically and professionally. I’ll be escaping the Seattle winter to spend January through March working in Mozambique! I’ll be homeschooling three girls (K, 2, and 4) while their parents (both of whom are in Global Health at UW) are working. This will be new for me in all sorts of ways:

  • I’m used to teaching an hour or two at a time, rather than an entire day.
  • I’m used to teaching math, rather than all subjects.
  • I know essentially no Portuguese (but working on it)
  • I’ve never been to Africa

This type of work has never really occurred to me, but if I like it, maybe there’s something to the idea of being a “travel tutor…”

Wish me luck!


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