A Washington First: Camping

Last weekend I went on my first camping trip since moving up here. As a new Seattle resident, I’ve got all sorts of firsts to look forward to, and this one set a pretty high bar.

This trip was my first time to drive east from Seattle. Growing up in Reno, I’ve always loved driving through the mountains, but I was quite surprised to see so many waterfalls! I saw a lot in SE Asia last year, but the drive through Snoqualmie had more waterfalls per minute than anywhere else I’ve ever been.

We settled in the Yakima River Canyon, at Umtamum Recreation Area. There’s a turnoff just past the public campsite for a private tubing place. $20 per person includes a tubing trip and a campsite for the weekend–pretty sweet deal.

The landscape around there is just like home: rolling desert hills, covered primarily in sagebrush and the like.

I’m looking forward to exploring this area more over the course of the summer–maybe head East next time! 


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