Hackenbush On a Number Line [Part 1]

Check out this video to see how to play Hackenbush: If you want to play this game, I suggest having one person draw any starting position they’d like. The other player chooses colors and goes first. I find this game to be much more fun to analyze than it is to play–there seems to be aContinue reading “Hackenbush On a Number Line [Part 1]”

Save the Dates: 2015 Math Events

March 14: Pi Day April 4: Julia Robinson Festival April 12th: Bellevue Sunday Classes Start April 13th-17th: Seattle Math for Love Spring Break Camp June 22-26: Seattle Math for Love Camp June 29-3: Bellevue Math for Love Camp July 6-10: Seattle Math for Love Camp July 13-17: Bellevue Math for Love Camp See Math forContinue reading “Save the Dates: 2015 Math Events”

Euclid: The Game (Geometry)

Euclid: The Game offers a modern and novel way to play with many of the fundamental ideas of classical geometry. Work your way through the traditional compass and straight-edge constructions, earning tools appropriately–once you can construct an equilateral triangle, you get an “equilateral triangle” tool. And once you can find a midpoint, you get aContinue reading “Euclid: The Game (Geometry)”