As both a parent and educator, I’ve enjoyed watching Paul teach.  He has an innate gift for relating to youth and provides a student-centered, relaxed classroom structure that accommodates a wide range of learners.  He inspires through his own passion for mathematics, and is capable of breaking down complex ideas to make them accessible, tapping into a variety of learning styles, and meeting and challenging each student at his/her level.

-Julie B, Homeschool Gifted Students Co-op, Evanston, IL

I am sorry that I cannot be there to thank you in person for all your hard work and dedication to our Math Olympiad class.  In the case of our family you have ignited in Owen an appreciation and interest for math that did not exist before you came into his life.  While he may never have a passion for math he no longer resists it and often welcomes it.  For that I am eternally grateful.  Olivia still talks about her class with you.  She said that you were one of the best teachers she has ever had.  I know that it is your passion and dedication that shines through when you teach math (and chess).  It makes such a difference for the kids.  I am focused intently on nurturing my kids’ passions and you have been a great role model.

-Emme W, Homeschool Gifted Students Co-op, Evanston, IL

Paul is an exceptionally responsive and responsible math tutor. Over the past two years he has worked with both my son (in preparation for the SATs) and my daughter (in preparation for middle-school entrance exams). He always arrived on time, got right down to work, and (most importantly) took the time and energy to assemble innovative lesson materials. He used these materials to illuminate the concepts of number thinking; he was especially concerned that my children understood what actually went on in the black box of mathematics. In this regard, I can honestly say that he did not just tutor my children–he taught them.

-Zach Schiffman, West Rogers Park, Chicago

I took a 6-week course on chess with Paul in Winter 2010. For me as a young adult, Paul rekindled my childhood love of the game.  He is patient instructor but very astute.  Instead of just telling me not to make a particular move he would explain exactly why it was not the best move.  In the course, Paul taught me one opening in particular detail.  We went slowly through various possible scenarios.  His method of instruction worked very well for me, and I have since used that opening successfully with my friends. I would recommend Paul to anyone who has any interest in the game of chess.

-Ben S, Northwestern University