Save the Dates: 2015 Math Events

March 14: Pi Day
April 4: Julia Robinson Festival
April 12th: Bellevue Sunday Classes Start
April 13th-17th: Seattle Math for Love Spring Break Camp
June 22-26: Seattle Math for Love Camp
June 29-3: Bellevue Math for Love Camp
July 6-10: Seattle Math for Love Camp
July 13-17: Bellevue Math for Love Camp

See Math for Love website for information on summer camps and the Julia Robinson Festival.

Euclid: The Game (Geometry)

Euclid: The Game offers a modern and novel way to play with many of the fundamental ideas of classical geometry.

Work your way through the traditional compass and straight-edge constructions, earning tools appropriately–once you can construct an equilateral triangle, you get an “equilateral triangle” tool. And once you can find a midpoint, you get a “mark the midpoint” tool.

Programming and Mathematics

Project Euler is a series of programming challenges asking you to solve harder and harder math problems.

Can you find the 100th prime?
Can you find the sum of the first 100 primes?
Can you find the 100th prime that is also a Fibonacci number?

You can complete these challenges in any language you like.

Doodling Stars

I often cite this video from Vi Hart as the reason I do what I do.

Before I knew the name Martin Gardner and long before I knew about Math Circles, I was teaching ideas from Vi Hart to homeschool kids who got together for a once-a-week class centered around Math Olympiad (MOEMS) contests.

Her videos are dense and fast, but she’s a wonderful artist showing some awesome mathematics in a delightfully quirky way.